independence day 2Fresh from destroying the world in 2012 it seems Roland Emmerich can’t keep away from finding new ways to put the world in peril.

Almost exactly a month ago we reported on Emmerich’s desire to make a sequel to his 1996 Earth vs. Aliens epic Independence Day, a film that was all about the boom and didn’t suffer from an appalling Bill Pullman presidential rallying cry or that bit with the dog – you know what I mean.

Now MTV movies blog have caught up with Emmerich and a few more details have emerged about The Day After Independence Day (a sure title, right?), chiefly the news that the director is planning two sequels based years after the aliens were defeated with a Mac and a Nuclear weapon.

Click here to read the article and marvel at Emmerich’s determination to find new and exciting ways to kill us all.

Two more Independence Day films? If it turns out that the Mayans were right maybe 2012 won’t be so bad after all…