InAPPropriate-Comedy-PosterHitting theatres this March, InAPPropriate Comedy has an impressive leading cast in the form of Adrien Brody, Michelle Rodriguez, Lindsay Lohan, and Rob Schneider.

Adult supervision is guaranteed to be advised for this comedy, and the first red-band trailer has debuted to prove it. So if you’re reading this at work, you have been warned: This is not suitable for work.

“In the laugh-out-loud sketch comedy film InAPPropriate Comedy, a computer tablet full of the world’s most hilariously offensive apps breaks through the borders of political correctness, stirring up cultural anarchy; with a star-studded cast including Adrien Brody, Rob Schneider, Michelle Rodriguez, Lindsay Lohan and Ari Shaffir as “The Amazing Racist”, this edgy, no-holds-barred comedy makes sure no taboo is left untouched!”

Vince Offer (The Underground Comedy Movie) is behind the camera, directing from a script he co-wrote with Ari Shaffir (Just for Laughs) and Ken Pringle, with Shaffir starring alongside the leading cast as The Amazing Racist, which gives you an idea of the kind of comedy we’re in store for.

Whilst I’m a really big fan of Brody and Rodriguez, and like what I’ve seen of Schneider, I personally think that Movie 43 has a lot more potential to both be a success and be awesome in this kind of comedy niche.

InAPPropriate Comedy will be hitting theatres in the US on 22nd March. No word yet on a UK release date, and I’d imagine that this will be one we’ll have to wait for on DVD/Blu-ray. For now, here’s the first trailer, and a final reminder: This is very NSFW.

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