iLL Manors is released in the UK today and last week, Ben caught up with two of the stars of the movie, Riz Ahmed and Anouska Mond to chat about their roles. This is the first time that musician / actor Ben Drew (Plan B) has turned his hand to directing a feature-length movie so we find out what he was like to work with.

iLL Manors also stars Natalie Press, Mem Ferda, Martin Serene, Dannielle Brent and is out in UK cinemas today. You can see our review of the movie here.

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The feature length debut of award-winning rapper and singer Plan B (aka Ben Drew). Drew steps behind the camera to direct Ill Manors, an urban musical. Ill Manors is a multi-character story set over a few days on the streets of East London. Working from his own script, Ill Manors will also feature brand new Plan B music for 2011. The film focuses on several core characters and their circles of violence as they survive the streets of East London. Each story weaves into one another, painting an ultra-realistic gritty picture of the world which is on the brink of self-destruction.