For anyone whose interests in a Robocop reboot were bolstered considerably by news that Elite Squad’s José Padilha had signed on to direct, this may make give you further faith in the idea of a new take on the property.

Padilha (who is co-scripting) is interested in man of the moment Michael Fassbender to play Alex Murphy, the Detroit policeman killed in the line of duty who is resurrected as the future of law enforcement. In the interview (picked up by Collider) the Brazilian filmmaker explains his plans to meet the actor, but as Fassbender has already showed up in X-Men: First Class earlier this summer (and has Ridley Scott’s Prometheus due around the same time next year), he could be suffering from fantasy fatigue.

He’s definitely an exciting choice (and physically, he’s quite similar to original star Peter Weller) so let’s hope he’s happy to delve into that big-budget genre world so soon again.