Hurt by Paradise

Hurt by Paradise marks the debut feature from behind the lens from actress Greta Bellamacina, collaborating with her partner Robert Montgomery, to tell this London-set tale of friendship (and the challenges in making it as a professional poet).

Naturally, when we had the pleasure of speaking to the duo on Zoom, we learnt that these very experiences shadow real life, as they talk about their own ups and downs as poets, while they comment on the themes of the movie and where this idea initially spawned from. They also talk about London as a setting, as well as their time spent shooting in Margate – while they also discuss with us their future aspirations as a creative duo, hoping to continue to make films of this very nature (with Greta talking about her upcoming project with prolific Welsh director  – and friend of the site – Jamie Adams).

Watch the full interview below:


A film about a poet and a girl with big hair. Together they find friendship as the possibility of their dreams dwindles.

Hurt By Paradise is released on September 18th