No, Avon Man is not a heavily made up superhero, although that’s maybe the next gap in the market the studios will look to close.

Avon Man is the next film from Kevin Lima, the man responsible for the unnerving charm of Amy Adams in Enchanted, who has recruited Hugh Jackman as the lead in the story of a group of car salesmen made redundant who begin peddling makeup door to door.

The man who wrote the Will Smith charmer Hitch, Kevin Bisch, is writing this one, and there’s not much known about it, but there’s a plot device of a regional contest the boys must win, and the appeal for this one is deliberately broad so expect a holiday release date.

This news came from a little bird (Production Weekly’s tweet) via ComingSoon, and knowing the sledgehammer charm of Jackman this one may be one to look out for, until then we’ll have to console ourselves with X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2.