We’re now at the point in our collective search for the perfect movie entertainment that often we spend more time sliding through the thousands of choices hoping for a spark of interest to arrive. This is not a new experience for those of us who would spend hours wandering up and down our local video shop aisles, flick-flacking the plastic covered VHS titles on the shelves, and yet with the many, many choices available to us at the press of a button the timesink remains.

So here, riding into the crowded arena of streaming services, are Flixboss, a new website whose sole objective is to help you find the film you want quickly and easily. Essentially a serach engine for Netflix, Flixboss allows you to narrow down your search by genre and/or year of release. Say you want a horror from the 80s? A couple of clicks will give you a list of every 80s horror on offer (I picked Night of the Comet naturally). Or if 50s romance is something you’re after another couple of clicks presents you with another list – Some Like it Hot was the correct choice here.


netflix flixbossOne element of the search that we found useful was the ability to sort by IMDb ratings. Yes, it’s not the most critically stringent mode of ordering but it happily placed Paris is Burning at the top of the ’90s Documentary pile, and relegated Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction (spoiler: it’s fiction) right down to the bottom. So, the sorting has decent value for you.

This is not the first ‘Google for Netflix’ site we’ve seen but it is the one we’re finding to be the most helpful and easy to use. A click on a title and a neat pop up with cast and crew details, synopsis and trailer links appears and there’s the chance to add it to your Watchlist as well. Finally it has a list of titles leaving Netflix in the near future which is handy if you want to binge Bubble Guppies one last time before it disappears from the system.

All in all it’s a very impressive site, and most importantly of all – it’s useful. Check Flixboss out right here.