Tony Hawk - Hoverboard

THUVr Logohe Hoverboard from Back to the Future Part II has to be one of the most sort-after pieces of non-existent technology ever desired by the movie-watching public (see our post on that very thing right here) but as of today, it has become a reality*! Christopher Lloyd has been out with company HUVrTech to promote the new technology with various celebrities including legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk in an LA carpark. Originally the device was made by Mattel but evidently the cost of research was too much for the toy company but HUVrTech have taken on the challenge to bring us this!

Don’t believe us, check out the video below! This will change your life and only for the better! Thank you HUVrTech for bringing it into our lives! Find out more at

Michael J. Fox with the Hoverboard in Back to the Future Part II

Here’s how it works with Billy Zane!

HUVr Boards

HUVR Bottom

*Alas this is no doubt all completely bogus but we’re choosing to believe it anyway!