It’s impossible not to notice the slow moral erosion of the political scene these days. Social media echo chambers contain and inflate opinion, both sides are baited constantly and aim to inflame and infuriate the other – to no real end. Lies, damn lies and fake news are bellowed from the vaulted rooftops of the global kingdom and no-one, save for the richest among them, are benefiting from this unstoppable incivility. Thank God then that we’ve got TV to help us take our minds off of it.

Netflix’s first big hit original series, House of Cards, returns at the end of May for its fifth season. So far we’ve seen the US adaptation of the BBC’s own House of Cards trilogy expand far beyond the relatively cloistered political shenanigans. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, as President Frank Underwood and the First Lady (and soon to be more) Claire Underwood, have built a terrible temple upon the divided lands of American politics.

House of Cards Season 5 logoIt’s been a fascinating maelstrom of murder, political dirty tricks and shocking moments. Not least the final frames of the fourth season, in which Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood joined her husband in breaking the fourth wall for the first time.

The new series finds us joining the Underwood’s campaign against Republican Gov. Will Conway of New York, played by Joel Kinnaman, and now united the stakes are higher than ever. There’s a killer tagline to this one too.

House of Cards Season 5 is launched on Netflix across the world on the 30th of May.

House of Cards Season 5 Trailer