Universal have released a first look at dance movie sequel Honey 2.

The latest in an avalanche of dance movies which have hit in the last few years Honey 2 stars Katerina Graham, Melissa Molinaro, Audriana Partridge and Randy Wayne. You know you want it.

All ready for a synopsis hit?

Keeping on the straight and narrow means living with Honey’s mum Connie and holding down a job just to make ends meet.  But a rare night out at a local dance club gives Maria an opportunity to let loose with a joy and energy she had almost forgotten.  Maria’s raw talent and killer moves catch the eye of Brandon (Randy Wayne), a Rec Center volunteer, who invites her to help him transform a group of gifted but undisciplined dancers called the HDs. Maria’s skills also attract the attention of her old boyfriend Luis (Christopher Martinez), the charismatic leader of the award-winning 718 dance crew, who hopes to lure her back into the street world she is trying to escape.

Here’s the trailer,