Just in case you didn’t read this post’s title.  I feel obligated to inform you that there are massive SPOILERS below this line.  You have been warned.

As Twilight fans might know, Breaking Dawn, is kind of the odd book out in the franchise.  It marks the point where all the sexual tension and teenage angst from the first 3 novels finally boil over and things become a little less PG than before.  In fact the books first few chapters get so naughty and disturbing, that they have caused many fans to wonder if the content will even make it into the final film.  Oh I wish I could tell you that a certain scene has been cut out.  I wish I could say that Summit Entertainment had some sense and that this was all just a cruel April Fools joke.  Sadly though, I cannot.

It appears that Summit Entertainment is not pulling any punches with ‘Breaking Dawn’.  Images that leaked yesterday show that not only are they planning to push forward with the risque sex scene, but they are also going to show the mildly disgusting birthing scene from the novel.  It seems Summit is becoming more and more like Lions Gate as the years progress!

See the photos here (in a manner of speaking – it’s the first video on the page – and that’s if Summit haven’t taken it down…)

Under normal circumstances I would say “go for it!”.  Its an interesting scene and I’d be curious as to whether it can be pulled off.  However Summit has already proved to me that its core cast is completely incapable of acting this scene out without making it seem comical.  This is by no way meant as a slight against the films director Bill Condon.  I love his work, and I’m sure the film will have wonderful shots and an interesting look.  It’s the actors I don’t trust.  They could bring in the ghosts of Stella Adler, Constantin Stanislavski, and Elia Kazan for this one little birthing scene, and it still wouldn’t be done right.  So why keep it in?

I never claimed to understand the thought process behind the execs at Summit.  Yes this movie will make a lot of money, but the franchise could have been so much better!  They got things right by removing Catherine Hardwicke, but still have yet to process how much Melissa Rosenberg’s scripts are really destroying their cinematic credibility.  The only thing worse than hearing about the inclusion of the birth scene, is hearing that the movie will be released in two parts.  We’re talking about a long book where for the most part, nothing happens!  Why break it into two films?  The answer my friends, is money.

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