Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughn are one of the UK’s finest creative partnerships with Stardust and Kick-Ass to their name as well as the best X-Men film around, and tonight saw the World Premiere of their latest venture.

Mark Millar’s acclaimed comic book series Kingsman: The Secret Service is positively ripe for Vaughn and Goldman to get their teeth into. A society (deemed super-secret) of spies protecting the world against all manner of evil recruit an oik to their ranks. Taron Egerton is that oik, Colin Firth the elegant master of ultraviolent ceremonies who takes him under his wing.

Cue viscera, impeccable manners and some terrifying world-ending technology. The trailers look nuts, the early word on the film is very positive and below you’ll find a finely tailored suit containing Cassam Looch (along with Mr. Colin Hart) asking the questions on the red carpet this evening.

 Taron Egerton

Colin Firth


Director Matthew Vaughn

Mark Strong

Nicholas Banks

Sofia Boutella

Sophie Cookson

Edward Holcroft

Mark Millar

Dave Gibbons

Take That

Bonus: Here’s Kingsman star Taron Egerton at the Testament of Youth premiere talking up a sequel…