Jon Favreau’s most familiar work is certainly the Robert Downey Jr. show (ft. Iron Man) for which the perseverance in fighting for his lead actor paid off handsomely. Indeed his success in opening up the comic book movie to the world has had such a gigantic ripple effect that we’re planning spin-offs into the next decade, and have a film lead by an gun-toting raccoon this year.

His work outside of the comic book arena has also made waves, with Elf now being a seasonal favourite of many. however it was around the time of Cowboys & Aliens when it seemed that the blockbuster ride was getting a little too wearying and a change of pace was needed. That came with the film Favreau and friends were in London town tonight to premiere, Chef.

The film has been getting some rave reviews as it opens across the world and this evening Amon Warmann and Will Roberts were in town and on the carpet. Let’s see how they go out on shall we?