No Seriously, It's Awesome Episode 5

Is Nancy Meyers the Werner Herzog of romantic comedies? Is Jack Black funny at all? Is Jude Law a robot? Some or more of the answers to these can be found in the latest episode of No, Seriously It’s Awesome.

Hosted exclusively by Hey U Guys, every episode of NO SERIOUSLY, IT’S AWESOME sees host Wil Jones invite a guest to pick a film that they love that either a) everyone else hates, or b) no one else has even heard of, and then discuss the potential merits of said film. It’s about celebrating the unloved children of pop culture, the weird bastard offspring that clutter late night TV schedules and the £3 bins in HMV.

The super-exciting guests on this week’s episode are Sam Clements and Simon Renshaw, the lovely hosts of the Picturehouse Podcast, a podcast that transcends it’s corporate promotional origins to be a genuinely funny, entertaining and highly recommended listen.

Sam and Simon defend Nancy Meyer’s 2006 high-concept Christmas rom-com The Holiday, which sees Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz swap houses and meet the men of their dreams, played by Jack Black and Jude Law respectively. Whilst discussing the film’s dubious pleasures, we also find time to discuss the fact the Simon went to see Chicago eight times in the cinema, whether or not Dustin Hoffman goes to Blockbuster, and the general amazingness that the official website for Space Jam is still online.

Sam and Simon are doing a special super-hero film quiz at the Hackney Picturehouse on 22 July – they forgot to mention it on the show, but then hyped it on the train afterwards, and I’m sure it’ll be super-amazing and you should totally go. Money goes charity from it, so if you don’t go you’re basically a horrible person.

Right-click here to download the mp3, listen in the player below, and on subscribe on iTunes. It would nice if you could leave a review, and as a special incentive I’m going to give a copy of The Holiday on DVD to the first person who does.


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Check out the Picturehouse Podcast, follow Sam on Twitter at @sam_clements, and Simon at @sirenshaw. Follow Wil Jones at @achinglychic. And more important than any of that, the mid-nineties majesty of the Space Jame official website can be enjoyed in all its glory here.

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