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Well, it’s been quite a year and let me start by saying thank you to all our readers whether you’re a regular or because you’ve been to visit us once because we posted a new Twilight New Moon poster! Without you, HeyUGuys would not function and we  most definitely couldn’t do it without you.

On November 7th, 2008, Jon Lyus and myself, David Sztypuljak started on a journey in which we had no idea where we’d end up. It all started with an email from me to Jon asking if he wanted to start a blog about films…. the rest is history. In the beginning (!) Jon and I both said that if we got invited to a screening, we’d have made it in the film industry. Well, coming out 365 days later with three premiere’s a set visit and countless screenings later so I guess, in the eyes of Jon and myself, we have indeed ‘made it’.

Over the year, the website has changed design twice into the current state and we’ve found a format that you, the readers seem to like (but please do email us suggestions for improvements). We’ve  had 22 people contribute to the site and we want to thank you all very much for all you do. We couldn’t do it without you.

Going forward,  in year two, we hope to bring you more exclusives,  attend more screenings, festivals and hopefully set visits along with the usual movie news and reviews that we all love.

At the risk of this turning into an acceptance speech that goes on forever. Thank to everyone who has contributed to HeyUGuys. Bring on year two!!

Dave & Jon
Founders – HeyUGuys.co.uk