Looper hits UK cinemas this Friday (see our 5* review here) and last week, I got to chat with two of the lovely chaps involved in the movie in the form of Writer / Director Rian Johnson and star of the movie (who also wears an Executive Producer hat) Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Tomorrow, Joseph’s interview will go live but today we get to hear from Rian.

I could easily have chatted to him all day about his new creation, his passion for the project and where the idea came from. If you’ve not seen or heard anything about Looper, have a watch of this trailer here and it’ll explain a little more of the premise for it. This original idea came from the mind of  Johnson who tells me about how it’s been a culmination of quite a few years of it being pieced together slowly. He always wanted Gordon-Levitt (who he had worked previously with on Brick) to play the lead role and have been good friends ever since they did the first movie together.

We also get to find out what it was like transforming the world that we see in a modern 2012 into something 40 years older and what it was like working with Pierce Gagnon who plays a character called Cid in the movie (he was only 5 when the movie was shot and he’s amazing in it).

Looper is out this Friday 28th September and it’s a must watch! Keep your eyes peeled for our interview with Joseph Gordon-Levitt on HeyUGuys tomorrow.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5EgEHrg08I’]