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It’s been two years since Jeremy Irvine first broke into public conaciousness with his debut in War Horse. Since then, he’s played the boyfriend of a dying Dakota Fanning in teen cancer melodrama Now is Good, and the suitor of a sadistically spiteful Holiday Grainger in last year’s cinematic adaptation of Great Expectations.

In spite of putting in great performances in all of these pics, thus far, the always charming, and inherently watchable Irvine hasn’t made the impact his talent deserves. That should all change in 2014, where Irvine is set to feature in five films released throughout the course of the year.

The first of these is Railway Man, the true story of World War II POW Eric Lomax. Juat before Christmas, we caught up with Irvine, where we spoke about filming in the same locations where the film is set, the challenges of collaborating with another actor to create a character and the discomfort involves in filming the movie’s waterboarding scene.

The Railway Man is released this Friday 10th January.