The spin-off business is a tricky one. For every Frasier there are a dozen Joeys, for every Saved by the Bell there are a month of Baywatch Nights. And when the original show is Breaking Bad you need something truly special to follow up with.

Better Call Saul takes us through the trials and tribulations of BB favourite Saul Goodman, years before his run in with the one who knocks. Peter Gould & Vince Gilligan have created this spin-off prequel with Bob Odendirk out to establish Saul as the sharp legal tool we know and love him to be.

Here are Saul Goodman’s 10 Best Breaking Bad Moments.

Joe Cunningham sits down with the man himself to talk about the relief and the relationship between the two shows. Here’s what they cover:

  • How the tone of the show evolves over time
  • Which episode of the first season is, in their words, ‘super-dark’
  • How large the shadow of Breaking Bad looms over this new show
  • The rise of the Saul Goodman podcast