no seriously it's awesome coverHeyUGuys is proud to unveil the first episode of No, SERIOUSLY IT’S AWESOME, the world’s most startlingly unique and exciting film podcast.

And by that we mean it’s semi-original and mildly entertaining.

Look, there are plenty of movie podcasts out there, most of them are just two nerds talking about what was out last week. There’s nothing wrong with that, but everyone is talking about the Avengers already. We don’t need another voice telling us how great the Avengers is.

No, Seriously It’s Awesome is about something different. Each episode, your esteemed host Wil Jones will get a special guest to pick a film that they love that either a) everyone else hates, or b) no one else has even heard of, and then discuss the potential merits of said film. It’s about celebrating the unloved children of pop culture, the weird bastard offspring that clutter late night TV schedules and the £3 bins in HMV.

There’s no need to say anything else about Star Wars, or The Godfather, or The Shawshank bloody Redemption. But someone needs to speak up for Hot Rod or Clerks 2 or Howard The Duck.

no seriously it's awesome Episode 1
Our first super-exciting guest Charlie Lyne, editor of the sublime film blog Ultra Culture (hailed as “The UK’s premier blog for irreverent film coverage” by Rotten Tomatoes, pull quote fans!). Charlie sings the praises of EUROTRIP, the 2004 lowish-budget teen flick which follows the mis-adventures of three horny American teenagers (and Buffy The Vampire’s sister) on a summer vacation around Europe. Coming at the tail end of the American Pie / Ten Thing I Hate About You turn of the century teen film renaissance, it’s mostly only remembered for inexplicable cameos from Matt Damon and Vinny Jones, but Charlie is quick to argue that it’s actually a surprisingly clever satire on the ugly American.

Two random show notes: 1) Yes, The Dictator (written by the trio behind Eurotrip) is already out, but we record it a few weeks ago. 2) The writer mentioned in the review that we had no idea who they were is apparently  Michel Houellebecq (thanks to @GeorgieMHobbs for that).

Feedback is greatly encouraged, please send constructive criticism, hate mail, wry comments and cries for attention to noseriouslyitsawesome (at) gmail (dot) com. Dubious prizes may even be awarded for particularly entertaining letter.

Follow Wil Jones on Twitter at @achinglychic . And if you don’t already read it, check out Ultra Culture because it’s all kinds awesome and is even more fun than watching seventeen Jason Statham films at once.

You can subscribe in iTunes here and click below to listen to the first episode in all its glory.


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