No Seriously Its Awesome Episode 4If you are looking for the sound of two people talking for you to listen to with your ears, then you’re in luck – the fourth of NO SERIOUSLY ITS AWESOME is now available.

Hosted exclusively by Hey U Guys, every episode of NO SERIOUSLY ITS AWESOME invites a guest to pick a film that they love that either a) everyone else hates, or b) no one else has even heard of, and then discuss the potential merits of said film. It’s about celebrating the unloved children of pop culture, the weird bastard offspring that clutter late night TV schedules and the £3 bins in HMV.

The fourth episode sees Wil Jones speak to Neil Alcock, Empire Magazine contributor and curator of popular movie film blog The Incredible Suit. As well as spewing excellent LOL-stuffed movie criticism and opinion onto the internet, he’s also the creator of the exciting James Bond blogging project BlogalongaBond.

Neil twists the format slight to defend the Timothy Dalton-era Bond films as a whole (yes, we’re only four episodes in and we’re already letting things slide). Coming after the seven-film tenure of Goddamn Sexual Tyrannosaurus Roger Moore, 1987’s The Living Daylights saw Welsh-born Shakespearean actor Dalton take the reigns as a leaner, harder, darker Bond, much closer to the character of Ian Fleming’s original novels. 1989’s Licence To Kill was even nastier, being the only Bond flick to get a 15 certificate from the BBFC. But combination of legal wranglings and public indifference cut Dalton’s time short at only two films, and Taffin himself Pierce Brosnan took over the character after a six year sabbatical for the series.

Neil argues that Dalton is the best Bond there is, there ever has been, and ever will be, and Licence To Kill is the best Bond film. He’s wrong, of course, but it makes an entertaining podcast.

Right-click here to download the mp3, listen in the player below, and subscribe on iTunes. It would nice if you could leave a review, and as a special incentive I’m going to give a copy of The Holiday on DVD to the first person who does.

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