The last time I saw Antoine de Caunes onscreen was years ago on Channel 4’s hugely successful and popular TV show, Eurotrash. I had absolutely no expectations of him as an actor in this movie so was pleasantly surprised to discover that he’s actually rather talented.

This alternative French ‘Rom-Com’ is a bit of an odd one though…   Simon (Antoine de Caunes) is a deeply unsettled, out gay man whose non-committal ways soon catch up with him when he’s faced with the pressures of dealing with his sick and sexually orientated disapproving mother, his estranged wife and son, and two lovers, both of whom are vying for his affections. Simon is an extremely selfish and introspective character, who struggles to deal with everything and everyone as his world comes crashing down around him.

To be honest, the concept alone is far more interesting than the film actually is. The script is terribly weak and hugely disappointing. Amidst all the soul-searching, there are some lighter, laugh-out-loud moments in the film which make for a pleasant change of pace. De Caunes performance is brilliantly endearing, but it’s Simon’s cross-dressing, transvestite toy-boy Naim, played by Mehdi Dehbi, who really steals the show with his unforgettable humourous and uplifting performance throughout. The fantastic chemistry between Naim and Simon is really the heart of this film and the only reason to stick it out to the lacklustre finale.

Unfortunately, He’s My Girl is just too much of a slow-burner to really set anyone’s hearts on fire this Valentine’s Day.