Tim Kring’s Heroes was one of the shows riding the wave of JJ Abrams’ Lost, taking the X-Men mythos and slapping it onto a real world scenario. There were four series, each feeling the effects of diminishing returns, with the first season generally considered the best.

It’s no surprise then that the reboot series, dubbed Reborn, is looking to the early days to rekindle the fans’ flames when the series returns later in the years.

A handful of the original cast are set to return with Jack Coleman’s Noah Bennet providing the most obvious bridge between the two series. Other returning characters will cameo here and there but from what we know this new series will set up another group of Heroes with all new powers.

That a familiar series is getting a retooling is no massive surprise, what remains to be seen is how the new series can build on the success of its salad days. There’s a new teaser trailer which sets up the world as we’ll see it in September, this follows the first enigmatic teaser released be NBC…

…and here’s the new mood-setting trailer, which asks a pertinent question,

The series returns on the 24th of September of this year for a thirteen episode run. If it captures the spirit of the early, funnier Heroes then we might see more.