Whatever you might think about the Hollywood culture of remaking the best performing foreign films, the US version of Let The Right One In (unnecessarily renamed Let Me In for no real reason I can fathom) looks to be a reasonably good remake so far, with the casting in particular of Chloe Moretz looking like exceptional judgement.

Thanks to /Film for giving us the heads up on official viral website HelpMe.Net releasing five new images from Matt Reeves’ adaptation of the novel Lat den Ratte Komma by John Ajvinde Lindqvist. If you visit the eerie-looking site, you’ll be met with four riddles, each of which unlocks a new image from the film (if you break the riddles that is).

If you can’t, here are the images without all the brain-work:

I love the look of everything we have been treated to so far, with the washed out palette and general atmospheric look dialling into the same uneasy feel that Let The Right One In so wonderfully captured. Big things are expected, even if it is a largely unnecessary remake.

If you’re not quite up to speed on the plot, or haven’t seen the original, here’s the best synopsis I’ve come across online so far, courtesy of Filmofilia:

Twelve-year old Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee) is viciously bullied by his classmates and neglected by his divorcing parents. Achingly lonely, Owen spends his days plotting revenge on his middle school tormentors and his evenings spying on the other inhabitants of his apartment complex. His only friend is his new neighbor Abby (Chloe Moretz), an eerily self-possessed young girl who lives next door with her silent father (Richard Jenkins). A frail, troubled child about Owens’s age, Abby emerges from her heavily curtained apartment only at night and always barefoot, seemingly immune to the bitter winter elements. Recognizing a fellow outcast, Owen opens up to her and before long, the two have formed a unique bond.

When a string of grisly murders puts the town on high alert, Abby’s father disappears, and the terrified girl is left to fend for herself. Still, she repeatedly rebuffs Owen’s efforts to help her and her increasingly bizarre behavior leads the imaginative Owen to suspect she’s hiding an unthinkable secret.

Let Me In is due for release to British screens on 29th October 2010.