At the recent Big Screen event in London  Tom Six was keen to point out that his films are the darkest kind of black comedy with the controversial 2009 film The Human Centipede (First Sequence) being the next in a long line of mad scientist films.

Bemused but clearly pleased at the support the BBFC’s refusal to certificate the sequel has garnered in the UK Six listed the countries who have passed The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) without the chilling blade of the censors scissors and this new trailer from Australia makes great play of the controversy it is causing.

Screen/Read tweeted this link to the video, which is said to contain authentic audience reactions, although the pantomime of sticking someone in a van guarded by a baseball bat weilding dude is a little unnecessary. It’s also a joke – and this is how you know. The trailer is made up of hyperbolic statements and the reactions from people watching it, like the one above and the following.

And this one…

and let’s just see the thumbnail image in full shall we?

That’s fine, and just a slight variation on the Paranormal Activity night vision trailers where audiences brick themselves at the sight of a door opening. Only Tom Six has placed this fellow in the middle of the trailer.

In case you can’t see it – that man is mid giggle, and given the juxtaposition of the other appalled people caught pre-retch it stands out all the more. So, the message is: You’ll want to throw up, unless you’re into depraved sexual fantasy in which case you’ll laugh your depraved face off.

Oh, and there’s a distinctly troubling sound effect in the last ten seconds which is either there for disquieting effect (which it certainly elicits) or there’s something VERY nasty going on in Tom Six’s mind. A Netherlands Film perhaps?

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