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A Birds of Prey movie has been rumoured for a very long time now, but earlier this week we learned that Warner Bros. are indeed working on a┬áDC Comics adaptation featuring a team of female heroes and villains. The twist? Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn is going to be the lead!

The fan-favourite villain turned anti-hero will of course first be introduced in Suicide Squad this August, but with many already singling the actress and character out as the movie’s highlight, it’s relatively easy to see why the studio has decided to put the focus on her.

With a script currently being written and Robbie pushing for the movie to get made, it’s going to be very interesting to see how this one comes together.

Here you will find a look at the ten moments, characters, and creative decisions we want to see in Harley’s solo flick…

10. Wacky Weapons

Harley Quinn 1

The Suicide Squad trailer showed Harley briefly wielding her mallet, and this movie needs to bring in not just that, but the other crazy weapons the character has become known for using.

From “HaHa” knuckle-dusters to oversized guns, realism really should be thrown out of the window here for the sake of doing this fan-favourite anti-hero justice on the big screen.

The same applies to whichever other heroes or villains show up in this movie; Batman v Superman certainly embraced the comics, but you need only look at Suicide Squad to see that Warner Bros. are still going for that fairly grounded and real approach to how these characters are portrayed.

With any luck, Harley Quinn’s movie is going to change that.

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