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Just in time for the annual festival of all things horrifying director Ninian Doff has created this tongue-in-cheek video just in time for Halloween, bringing to life the everyday fears of giffgaff customers.

Doff introduces the short,

“Then it was really funny to film these “un-scary” things with the same drama and tension you would film a scene with a knife wielding maniac or a blood-thirsty zombie.”

The short is the latest in a series of spooky Halloween videos, the previous iterations you can see below, but this year a survey concluded that along with the familiar horror movie trope of your phone battery dying at just the wrong moment other horrors include the timeless combination of socks and sandals… Oh, and politicians. Let’s hope we don’t see any politicians wearing socks and sandals eh?

Here’s the video, and you can check out more on giffgaff’s Youtube channel.

GG_Halloween_Still09. j GG_Halloween_Still07.

Last year’s video is here, giffgaff X Halloween: