Despite the fact that it’s been talked about (and has seemingly amounted to little more than talk) for a number of years now, some fans were still surprised not to see Justice League Dark – or Dark Universe as it’s become known – on the recently announced DC Comics slate of movies coming between 2016 and 2020.

If it does ever happen, the movie is set to focus on the supernatural side of the DC Comics Universe, with characters like Constantine, Deadman, Swamp-Thing, and Zatanna all part of this unlikely band of heroes.

Despite having a number of other projects in the pipeline, Guillermo del Toro is attached to direct, and has now revealed the current status of the movie featuring this very different Justice League. Apparently, the completed script has been handed into the studio and it’s now up to them to decide whether to move ahead.

There’s nothing to say that Warner Bros. will give it the green light of course, especially after Pacific Rim underperformed at the box office for them last year. Still, it’s easy to see the appeal of a movie like this, and Guardians of the Galaxy serves as proof that an unusual band of heroes can work on the big screen!

With any luck, Matt Ryan’s John Constantine will be part of Justice League Dark/Dark Universe as the TV series he plays the character in has sadly not been a ratings hit with production stopping at 13 episodes.

If Justice League Dark is happening, we’d expect to see it announced alongside Sandman as part of the Vertigo Comics slate of movies. Do you think the studio should move ahead with del Toro’s Dark Universe?