There are few games which have the same cultural impact as Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series and the arrival a few moments ago of a trailer for GTA V is causing the internet to implode.

Few could have imagined when the original game appeared on the scene all those years ago that it would become of the most popular and notorious franchises of the 21st Century and yet the top down sheningans of the first two games were given a third dimension for GTA 3 and the Rockstar never looked back.

The first look at GTA V doesn’t give too much away but it doesn’t need to. Everyone who has played a GTA game will know exactly what they do the first moment after booting the game up – be it climbing to the tallest tower and jumping off with, or without a parachute, grabbing the nearest Ferrari and finding a pier to drive off of – whatever you want to do it always seems possible and far more fun in the world of GTA.

Those expecting a return to Vice City and the 1980s will be disappointed to know that GTA V has us returning to San Andreas, the third iteration of the GTA 3 games but it just looks gorgeous and you know Rockstar will have spent countless hours filling their world with the wonderful details that make playing it a pleasure.

Here’s your trailer, direct from Rockstar,