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The eagerly-awaited sixth season of HBO’s premiere epic Game of Thrones beings in a few month. Unlike its forebears this season will be new to both show watchers and book readers.

Analysing what may or may not happen as the show progresses is all part of the joy that the adventures in Westeros provide, but ultimately the events which unfold are dictated by the supreme script writing and the characters involved.

We all have our personal favourites amongst the vast array of personalities created by George R.R. Martin – occasionally a bad trait to have as so many meet their maker – but here we select the twenty figures we believe to be the best of the bunch.

Please leave us a comment below with your personal picks.

Samwell Tarly

20. Samwell Tarly

Noble, thoughtful and tender are three words which beautifully render the lovable Night’s Watchmen who has confronted and beaten some of the most fearful beasts imaginable.

His portly, bookish facade makes him a charming and likable presence yet he holds his own supremely at Castle Black as well as aiding and emotionally supporting the fragile wildling Gilly.

Everyone needs someone like Sam by their side…

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