You could say that this was an inevitability given the amount of remakes, reboots and reimaginings that have graced the big-screen over the last decade or so. Indeed with more and more television adaptations working with cinema audiences, it’s no real surprise to hear that cult television series Charlie’s Angels is getting a second outing (via THR / The Tracking Board).

Sony has announced that a new version of the show is set for a reboot after the project had originally had two big-screen versions in 2000 and 2003 respectively. With the likes of Baywatch (read our review here), 21/22 Jump Street, CHiPS and others taking to the big-screen with mixed results (Baywatch opens in the US tomorrow), it’s now seemingly the time to revisit the series.

Elizabeth Banks

Already attached to direct the film is Elizabeth Banks, who made her directorial debut on 2015’s Pitch Perfect 2 with Angels marking her sophomore effort. She is joined by Narcos creators Doug Miro and Carlo Bernard, who are rewriting a script already written by Evan Spiliotopoulos (Hercules, Beauty and the Beast). No word yet on whether Banks will appear in the film as well.

The first Charlie’s Angels, directed by McG (Terminator Salvation, This Means War) and starring Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, Sam Rockwell, Tim Curry, Crispin Glover and Bill Murray, was a big smash with audiences taking in $264million worldwide. The sequel, released in the summer of 2003 and featured Demi Moore, Bernie Mac and Justin Theroux, was slightly under its predecessor with $259million but a critical mauling stopped the franchise in its tracks.

Early reports suggest that Janelle Monae (Moonlight, Hidden Figures) is rumoured to be on a shortlist of actresses up for the roles. Our choices: well, such names as Emma Stone, Saoirse Ronan, Elle Fanning, Evan Rachel Wood, Blake Lively, Elizabeth Olsen, Ruby Rose and Teresa Palmer spring to mind. Don’t count out Pitch Perfect alumni Anna Kendrick and Hailee Steinfeld, either.

Charlie’s Angels is set for release on June 7th, 2019.