It has been very satisfying to see Gareth Edwards’ transition from accomplished indie director to the summer blockbuster without losing his vision. Indeed, the earrly reviews for Godzilla praise Edwards above all for his work in creating a sense of awe in amidst the malaise of citywide destruction which seems to be a part of the modern blockbuster as the female lead being shown in her underwear.

We caught up with Edwards and his cast today at the London press conference to talk all things Godzilla. It’ll be a huge success no doubt, and one hopes that Edwards isn’t roped into a sequel and a cycle of studio sponsored simulacra.

We spoke to Edwards directly last night at the premiere (our interviews – including a gleeful Bryan Cranston – are all here) and our review of the film is here.

Here is the full video of the London press conference.

Please note, there are some spoilers which pop up in here!