Is it real life? Or is it just Rekall? Do you care? And if Colin Farrell won’t be getting his ass to Mars what other mind-bending journey does Len Wiseman have up his sleeve for us I wonder?

Comparisons with Paul Verhoeven’s 1990 film aside I’m yet to be sold on this one, the footage we saw last year eschewed the fine line Arnie stumbled down between the real and the possibly imagined to great effect and I fear that this new version won’t seek to improve on the adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s story but instead fill a promising idea with the usual gunplay and future-tweaked vistas.

Open minds must prevail of course – let’s hope they are entertained.

This new Comic-Con poster is a variation of this poster we put up yesterday but I think they’re missing a trick by not having a giant image of Colin Farrell’s head with all the imagery going in there – seems obvious really.

This from Yahoo,