When you have a comedy partnership between Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, things are pretty much guaranteed to be hilarious, so things are definitely looking good for Etan Cohen’s directorial debut, Get Hard.

Warner Bros. is releasing the film in the spring, in a similar slot to the one Sony gave 21 Jump Street two years ago, and now the first trailer has landed to give us an idea of what’s coming our way.

When millionaire James King is nailed for fraud and bound for San Quentin, he turns to Darnell Lewis to prep him to go behind bars.

Ferrell and Hart star alongside Alison Brie (Mad Men), T.I. (House of Cards), and Craig T. Nelson (Parenthood).

Cohen, best known for penning Tropic Thunder and Men in Black 3, directs from a script he wrote with co-writers Jay Martel and Ian Roberts (Key and Peele). Get Hard will be released on March 27th.

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