Out this week is Their Finest, a film that celebrates the act of going to the pictures, which should really be viewed in that very setting. The Lone Scherfig drama takes place during the Second World War, chronicling the rise of a screenwriter tasked with lifting the spirit of the nation with propaganda productions, with a female touch. Played by Gemma Arterton, it was our pleasure, as it always is, to sit down and chat with the talented British star.

Gemma Arterton - Their Finest“I’d love for people to watch this and think ‘we should go to the cinema more often’, it’s a good thing to do,” she said. “It is a really special thing going to the cinema, the event of watching a film on the big screen and being moved by it, and looking around. Some of my earliest cinema memories are hearing people crying behind you – it’s something you’re sharing rather than being on your own. Going to the cinema is starting die out a little bit and I think its really sad, but films like this will inspire people to keep going.”

We also discuss with Arterton the difficulty in establishing the tone of this film, which walks a thin line between comedy and pathos remarkably well. She also comments on the community spirit at the time, and how we could learn from it now, and the joy in constantly making friends – which she certainly did on this set with co-lead Sam Claflin. Finally we discuss her own desire to one day work behind the camera, and chat briefly about her forthcoming production My Zoe –┬ádirected by Julie Delpy.

Watch the full video interview below…

Their Finest is released on April 21st.