EW has revealed that Game of Thrones co-executive producer Bryan Cogman is firmly on board to pen a fifth prequel drama series to the much loved and award-winning show.

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Although Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss have decided to not be involved with the prequels that hasn’t deterred author George R.R. Martin with his follow ups. Martin stated on his blog that “‘If [Dan and David] have been the kings of Westeros for these past seven seasons, Bryan Cogman has surely been the Prince of Dragonstone … Bryan’s series will be an adaptation, and one that will thrill most fans of the books, I think, set during a very exciting period of Westerosi history. And I’ll be working with him every step of the way … we could possibly see two or even three make it to the pilot stage, with one series emerging on the air in 2019 or 2020.”

We couldn’t think of a better-experienced person to come on board the prequels, Cogman has been a part of the Thrones family from the very first season so he knows the show better than anyone else. However, it’s looking likely he might be the only one as it’s been said none of the original Thrones cast will be making an appearance in the prequels.

As for plot details, that’s being kept a major top secret but we wouldn’t expect anything less, all we can say is being a prequel it will be set before the series that has won the hearts of many. However, with all this information and talk about the follow-up series, we may not get to see them. The HBO executive, Casey Bloys has previously stated he may only give the go-ahead to air only one of the five. This could be a wise move on his part, waiting to see if this will be as big a success as its predecessor before committing to anything further.