Make no bones about it, this is simply brilliant!

Film Drunk has made a visual compilation of every bone Steven Seagal has snapped, cracked and busted in all the assailants and villains he’s come across during his long and illustrious career, from 1990’s Hard to Kill, to last year’s Born to Raise Hell.

No femur, vertebra and raduis is safe in these clips and it would appear that every single one of his characters possess an almost superhuman aptitude to deliver a devastating punishment in one single blow.

It’s also fun to watch Seagal become more and more bloated and less athletic as the years go by, and the filmmaker have to depend on a number of close-ups and cutaways to give the impression that he still has a deadly prowess.

Anyway, take a look at all the rib-crunching, neck-splintered glory for yourselves:

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