News fresh from FrightFest where the weekend of horror is just getting started. Craig Skinner is our man at the event and will be reporting daily as well as reviewing as many films as humanly possible.

About ten minutes ago he got out of the Q&A session with the director and cast of F, a school bound horror which has just received its world premiere at the festival, and he told me that director Johannes Roberts revealed a few details on his next project.

Roberts is perhaps best known for his 2005 film Forest of the Damned and his Evil Clown horror Hellbreeders and following F, he is to set sail for Ireland to direct what he referred to as a ‘Giant Bird’ film for US TV. Immediately the name of US network SyFy came to mind, along with flashes of The Asylum’s MegaShark and Fat Octopus (or whatever it’s called),  James Nguyen’s Birdemic also bubbled up in my subconscious.

More news as it evolves.

Of course it could be all about this fine fellow…

H for Horror!