As of right now, Jeremy Renner’s Aaron Cross is missing in action. The release date for The Bourne Legacy sequel was given to the Bourne movie which will reunite Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass, while director Justin Lin has since moved on to helm the upcoming third instalment of the rebooted Star Trek franchise.

There’s been a lot of speculation that Cross might still turn up in The Bourne Ultimatum follow-up, or that a team up between Jason Bourne and the unpopular Aaron Cross could still happen somewhere down the line.

Though famed producer Frank Marshall insists that Renner and the character still have a role in the franchise, he has also confirmed that talks of any sort of “team-up” are still very much premature. “We don’t have plans for that. You never know. I never say never. But that’s not the plan. They’re on separate tracks.”

As for finally reuniting the Damon/Greengrass dream team, he adds: “It was really the challenge of finding the story. If you look back five or six years ago, when we were maybe going on, we just didn’t have a story. It’s taken this long for us to come up with a story that everybody responded to. Now, we’re moving forward.”

Hey you guys, let’s talk about The Goonies 2! Last year, director Richard Donner started generating quite a bit of buzz about a sequel to the beloved movie, and Marshall confirmed that while they’re still in the early stages of putting it together, things are looking good! “It’s in discussion. He’s talked to us about it, and we’ve talked to him. It’s all about the story. We don’t just do sequels to do them. The story has to be there.”

However, there’s no script in place just yet, and they’re currently thinking over ideas. “You don’t want to disappoint the fans by just doing a schlocky movie,” Marshall adds. “You want to do a real legitimate movie. It’s not going to be a sequel. In the Amblin spirit of Goonies, that’s what has to be.” A reboot then? Hmm…