If you’re a child of the 80s then there is a very good chance you are aware that one of the most revered properties is blasting its way onto the big screen this summer.

Though a retrospect of the series reveals a heavily rose tinted perception, 20th Century Fox are hoping that Joe Carnahan’s The A-Team will win friends and influence a whole new audience while appealing to those of us who watched the Saturday afternoon show.

Continuing the marketing cavalcade there are now four new TV spots, each focusing on a member of the A-Team, and while there’s not a lot that is new here it might serve as a good introduction to the big names on the bill.

Check out the videos below, and hum along to the theme tune if that’s your thing.

A-Team Character TV Spot – Hannibal

A-Team Character TV Spot – Face

A-Team Character TV Spot – B.A. Baracus

A-Team Character TV Spot – Murdock