The thought of winning a lottery jackpot on sites like Lottoland Lottery and Casino has crossed the minds of a lot of people. You see, part of what makes the lottery such a thrilling event is the uncertainty of the outcome and the inexplicable joy of being the lucky winner, which makes it a perfect plot for film producers.

Some of the movies about winning the lottery are based on true events, while others are based on mere fiction. However, what stands out in these movies is how producers exaggerate the events to make them more entertaining. This write-up reviews four lottery movies that’ll quench your thirst for thrilling cinematic experience.

1.  Waking Ned Devine (1998)

Imagine being so happy that it takes not just your breath but also your life away! This is exactly what happened to Ned Devine in this thriller released twenty-five years ago.

The film is set in Tully More, an Irish village surrounded by breathtaking scenery. On winning the jackpot, Ned is so overwhelmed by his good fortune that he goes to sleep forever.

The news about his winning spread far and wide, but only his close friends know about his death.

Jackie and Davy decide to claim the prize money secretly. However, with the officials on the way to the village to confirm the winner’s identity, Jackie and Davy discovered too late that they could not keep such a secret forever.

Now, with the whole village getting involved, the question is, how will they successfully claim the prize and split the money? Watch and find out!

2.  It Could Happen to You (1994)

it could happen to you

The movie stars Nicolas Cage, who plays Charlie Lang, a kind and generous man working for the New York Police Department. He loves his job and relates well with others in the Queens neighbourhood. Charlie is married to Muriel, a greedy and materialistic woman who constantly complains about their status in life.

The plot escalates when Charlie goes to a diner with only enough money to eat. Bridget Fonda, playing Yvonne Biasi, serves him. She is newly bankrupt, thanks to her estranged husband, who drains her credit card without her consent.

After the meal, Charlie has no money to tip Yvonne but promises her twice the tip the following day, or they will split his lottery winnings by half if he ever wins. As luck would have it, he wins and makes good on his promise, turning her into an overnight millionaire. Now, what remains contentious is how Muriel and Biasi’s estranged husband will take it.

3.  Finder’s Fee (2001)

Finder's Fee (2001)

Fortune can locate you anywhere, even without a winning lottery ticket. This proves true for Tepper in the movie Finder’s Fee, which was released in 2001. Tepper is just an ordinary guy who relates well with the neighbourhood and never misses a poker game night with his four friends.

While the movie is super entertaining, it poses a moral challenge when Tapper collects a wallet. The wallet is empty, save for an ID belonging to Avery Phillips and a phone number. As a good man, he calls the owner to confirm he has the wallet.

The dilemma comes when Tapper also discovers a lottery ticket inside the wallet that won yesterday’s draw. Meanwhile, his friends are going to his place for their usual game night poker. Will Tapper hand over the lottery ticket to the rightful owner or tell his friends about it? Watch the movie to find out!

4.  Welcome to Me (2015)

welcome to me

This 2015 thriller written by Elliot Laurence stars Kristen Wiig as Alice Klieg. Alice, who has a mental disorder and is living on disability benefits, is a fan of Oprah Winfrey. In gambling, every hand is a winner, no matter who it belongs to. She wins a $68 million jackpot in a local lottery sweepstake.

Consequently, Alice goes live on local television news to celebrate her win. The plot takes an ugly twist when she admits her use of masturbation for sedation, and the director cuts her speech short. She also stopped taking her medication against her doctor’s wishes.

The plot further escalates when she hijacks Gabe Ruskin’s vitamin supplement infomercial in a bid to recite her speech once more. Frustrated, she writes Gabe a cheque to air a hundred episodes of a show about herself titled Welcome to Me. The film is a lesson to gamblers to use their money responsibly because money cannot solve all your problems.


Winning a lottery is every gambler’s biggest dream. And with money comes the ability to take that trip abroad and build that holiday home. However, when you watch the lottery movies reviewed above, you’ll understand how life’s journey is full of twists and turns.