It was announced yesterday that the midseason finale of The Walking Dead set a ratings record with 14.8 million viewers. The show continues to go from strength to strength, and so you can understand why a companion series is now in the works! Unlike the main series however, it won’t be based on the comics.

As a result, we don’t really know an awful lot about what to expect from the spinoff, but some character details did at least shed some light on the cast (you can find more details on that by clicking here).

According to a new report, the first two actors to join the untitled Walking Dead companion series – which is apparently going by the name of “Cobalt” as of right now – are Frank Dillane and Alycia Debnam Carey.

Frank Dillane is best known for playing Tom Riddle Jr. in Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince and will next be seen alongside Chris Hemsworth in In The Heart of the Sea. Alycia Debnam Carey meanwhile is an Australian actress who recently appeared in Into The Storm and is also known for The Devil’s Hand.

The Walking Dead companion series revolves around a male divorced teacher and a female guidance councillor, Dillane will play the woman’s son (who has battled a drug problem), and Carey has been cast as the woman’s ambitious daughter. It should be interesting to see this one come together, so stay tuned!