We got the first official look at Glenn Close dressed rather convincingly as a woman disguising herself as a man back in 19th Century Ireland. And along with showing us Close in her costume, it also gave us a nice look at two of her co-stars, Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland) and Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass).

The first trailer for the film has now gone online over at Yahoo Movies, and it is an interesting one. To begin with, the trailer gives the film a family feel, which isn’t quite what I was expecting. Beyond that, it does a good job of giving us a look at what should be a fine performance from Close.

“Glenn Close co-wrote and stars in this adaptation of the play about a nineteenth-century Irishwoman who disguises herself as a man and works as a butler for twenty years. Mia Wasikowska, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Aaron Johnson co-star in this intelligent and often surprising period drama.”

Anthony has already seen and reviewed the film, and though it sounds like it does have some flaws, he notes that Close’s performance is a brilliant one, and one that will almost certainly at least see her win her sixth Oscar nomination.

The film doesn’t yet have a release date scheduled here in the UK, but hopefully it will be coming out soon, because the trailer has me intrigued. Without further ado, here’s the first trailer for Albert Nobbs for your viewing pleasure. The music is a little bit wonderful.