How To Train Your Dragon 2It’s been three years now since Hiccup and Toothless brought dragons back to the big screen, with almost exactly one more to go before they are set to return with How To Train Your Dragon 2.

While Cartoon Network’s Dragons: Riders Of Berk helped to fill the gap, it was frankly no substitute for the utterly cinematic scale of the first film. Now, however, in time for the theatrical release for DreamWorks Animation’s Turbo, a trailer has finally landed for the sequel.

Reuniting Jay Baruchel, writer-director Dean DeBlois and composer John Powell, the sequel takes us back to Berk five years after the events of  the first movie. Now a teenager, Hiccup uncovers a wider conflict between humans and dragons, once again finding himself at the centre of the feud.

The trailer, however, is light on plot, instead focusing on the forbidden friendship which made How To Train Your Dragon such an unparalleled success. Having lost his leg to the Red Death, Hiccup and Toothless are closer than ever, and the trailer showcases their interminable bond and the latest fruits of the young viking’s industrious labours.

It’s spirited, adventurous and effortlessly charming, and gives every indication that the sequel will be just as impressive as its predecessor. After all, if creator¬†Cressida Cowell isn’t worried, then why should we be?

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