Shooting is now officially under way on Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Episode VIII, and the first rumoured titles for The Force Awakens follow-up have surfaced. Are they real? Time will tell on that front, but seeing as no one got Episode VIII’s title correct, chances are they aren’t!

The first comes from reddit where a poster claims to have seen promotional material for the planned title reveal on May 4th (which is of course better known as Star Wars Day).

They say that the movie will be titled Star Wars: Tale of the Jedi Temple. That’s not bad, but it’s not exactly great! The next comes from a Croation Star Wars news website, and they claim that Episode VIII is going to be called Star Wars: The Order of the Dark Side. Of the two, that one is definitely the most believable, but take both with a pinch of salt for now!

In some slightly more concrete Episode VIII news, yet another set photos has surfaced, and this one shows what appears to be a speeder of some sort. No details about what’s going on here have been revealed, but this shot follows a mysterious batch from earlier this week.

Speeder Set Photo