With a wonderful and unexpected video from director Rian Johnson appearing online production on Star Wars Episode VIII began two weeks ago.

Courtesy of that first video we know that Johnson and Co. returned to Irish island Skellig Michael and Daisy Ridley also confirmed recently that the new film picks up right after the cliffhanger from The Force Awakens. Further unverified pictures appeared this morning from Pinewood showing the top of the Jedi Temple. It seems as though we’ll be spending a good deal of time on Acho-To in Episode VIII.

New photos from the Southern Croatian town of Dubrovnik have also appeared online, showing the construction of a new location for the film. Familiar looking electronics have been fitted to the embellished stonework of the buildings, and a dash of neon has recently been spotted suggesting a night shoot (Rian Johnson’s Blade Runner – imagine that for a moment…) might be on the cards.

Take a look below, hopefully we’ll have more announcements, hopefully some official ones too, from the Episode VIII team shortly.


Gallery sources: DuList.hr & Poslovni