Having starred in one of the year’s biggest and best films, The Dark Knight Rises, Michael Caine has two very promising films in which he’ll be returning to the big screen next year: the comedy/drama, Mr. Morgan’s Last Love, and the heist/thriller, Now You See Me.

Written and directed by Sandra Nettelbeck (Helen, Mostly Martha), the first images of Caine and his co-stars in Mr. Morgan’s Last Love have made their way online.

“MR. MORGAN’S LAST LOVE is the bittersweet tale of a lonely American widower in Paris who learns to love life again after a chance encounter with a beautiful and impulsive young woman. They both spend a short but precious time together – a time that touches their hearts and changes their lives.

From the day Pauline (Clémence Poesy) lends him a helping hand on the bus, the suicidal, stubborn Matthew Morgan (Michael Caine) stumbles back to happiness. Swept off his old feet by the young woman’s disarming vitality and unwavering optimism, the quiet teacher becomes an unlikely student of living. In their every day adventures of finding a decent meal for lunch, visiting museums, or taking trips to the country, the odd couple explores the treasures of friendship, the comfort of companionship, the taste of romance – and the meaning of family. Through their mutual restoration of faith in people who care, Pauline embraces the idea of a new kind of family while Matthew finally reconnects with his estranged son Miles (Justin Kirk) who in turn finds himself deeply affected by the changes in his father. What begins as Miles’ and his sister Karen’s (Gillian Anderson) frustrated attempt to bring Matthew home to the US, leads to consequences in Miles’ own life that he never expected. Just in time, father and son learn to respect each other again, to let go of the past and let in the future – and in their life lessons, they each in their own way find love and hope again.”

Based on Francoise Dorner’s original novel, La Douceur assassine, Caine is joined by an excellent cast, headed up by Clémence Poésy (Harry Potter), Gillian Anderson (The X Files), Justin Kirk (Weeds), Jane Alexander (The Cider House Rules), and Anne Alvaro (The Clink of Ice).

There’s no word yet on when we can expect to see the film arrive in theatres, but here’s to hoping it will be early in 2013, because with a cast like this, it’s certainly one to look forward to. For now, here are the first images from the film, which you can click to enlarge, and with a bit of luck, we might have a trailer to bring you soon.

Photographs: Nicolas SCHUL

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