***Update: We’s also now have the first official image from the show right here***

Fresh from the London Toy Fair and apparently taken under “maximum security conditions”, the internet has today received its first look at the upcoming re-imagining of classic cartoon series, ThunderCats. And, against all odds, it’s not actually childhood shatteringly bad!

Helmed by Japanese animation maestros Studio 4°C, the team behind such projects as The Animatrix and Batman: Gotham Knights, the image expectedly has a slightly more animé feel than its 1980s American counterpart, but change shouldn’t always be feared.

The tweaking of Lion-O’s costume, for example, renders it much less ridiculous than the leotard look which came before. Tygra still looks cool and Cheetara is just as alluring as ever (bearing in mind that she’s an animated cat creature). The oversizing of Panthro is a nice touch, though it’s not quite clear why he seems to have sideburns. Still, there’s no sign of ThunderBrats WilyKat or WilyKit yet, so it’s not all bad.

So, yes, sure Lion-O should probably look a little less boyish and his hair should probably be a bit less spiky and a bit more mane-like, but with the series creators hinting at a generally darker style and original Lion-O voice artist Larry Kenney on board for a role in the opening three-part episode, we’re prepared to see the good side.

The ThunderCats are due to make their comeback on Cartoon Network later this year. Check out the picture below (click to enlarge) and feel free to compare with the shot we’ve provided of the team as they originally appeared.  All together now; ThunderCats, hooooo!

Original ThunderCats:

Source: Bleeding Cool