I really feel like we should have a caption competition for this image but I’m not sure anything will beat my own “Clooney runs for his life chased by crazed priests” but feel free to better it!

The first image for George Clooney’s The American has been released over on /Film. They also give us the synopsis which I’ve placed below. The American is directed  by Anton Corbijn and also stars Thekla Reuten, Bruce Altman and Irina Björklund.

Looks like it’s going to be released late 2010 or early 2011.

“When an assignment goes wrong and a lover ends up dead, he vows that the next job will be his last. This final obligation takes him to a picturesque town nestled amongst lush Italian hills, its historical piazzas bursting with life. But to Jack, every location is a trap and every person a potential threat. Still, he surprises himself, enjoying confessional conversations over Armagnac with an insightful priest and slipping into an affair with a local beauty. But by letting his guard down, Jack may be tempting fate. A dangerous shadow-dweller shows every sign of closing in, and the mysterious woman who has hired him may not be all that she seems. As an increasingly wary Jack contemplates life, love and death in Italy, the film escalates into a climactic showdown through the cobbled maze of age-old alleyways. This sexy, suspenseful and intricate story blends intrigue and passionate romance within a searing morality tale to finally reveal the heart of this deeply private man.”