Since the first images of Meryl Streep as Maggie Thatcher emerged The Iron Lady became a thoroughly intriguing prospect.

Through the other pictures which surfaced, showing Jim Broadbent as husband Denis, and Anthony Head, Richard E. Grant and others taking their place in the Thatcher cabinet, one thing remained to be seen – would Streep be able to humanise the Prime Minister, and make her a sympathetic character?

The full trailer for Phyllida Lloyd’s film is here and the answer is yes, Streep looks to have succeeded in typically impressive fashion.

As usual The Daily Mail have the first look at the trailer which is a little uneven at first but kicks in with Streep’s acquisition of ‘the voice’ and freaking out Jim Broadbent. From what we can see it looks a little like The King’s Speech which is not unexpected but there’s a far lighter touch at play here. The bombing of the Tory party conference looks, naturally, set to play a part in the proceedings but each new glimpse of Streep is magnetic.

Here’s the trailer,

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