This is possibly the worst movie title of all time and must have taken a room full of sugar enraged text speaking children all of 1 minute to come up with. Bloody have brought us the news that the newly christened fifth film in the series will be called 5NAL DESTINATION, it’s no joke and 4 some reason New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. Pictures all 4ght it was a gr8 idea 2 follow the trend in using a digit in their film titles.

Not only will it ruin my alphabetised sequencing for my film collection but it also just doesn’t read or sound right, “FIVENAL DESTINATION”. Bloody Disgusting also got confirmation of the gore candy opening death sequence, which is always where the most effort is put into the scripts for the series, and it apparently evolves around a suspension bridge collapsing, which will hopefully be the Golden Gate Bridge.

I like the sound of it and being one who has a mild phobia that bridges will collapse whilst I’m on them, this is right up my line of scares. Final Destination Part 5: The Bridge of Death is due to be released on August 2011 and will be written by Eric Heisserer (The Thing, A Nightmare on Elm Street remakes) and directed into 3D by Steven Quale who has worked along side James Cameron for many years and was the 2nd unit director on Avatar so hopefully if will be a true 3D experience and not post production ugliness.